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Looking for Adventure? You've found it. Walking Quest is a new, fun pedometer where every step brings you closer to unlocking your story.

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Exclusive Stories

Adjustable Goals

Stay Motivated with Achievements

Fun Step Counting

Choose your Adventure and get walking - the more you walk the more of your story you'll unlock.

Choose your Adventure from our library:

  • Battle pirates and hunt for treasure in Walk to Treasure Island
  • Rob from the rich and give to the poor to become England's most famous outlaw in Walk to Nottingham
  • Travel the yellow brick road and battle Wicked Witchs to find your way home in Walk to Oz

And More...

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Do you walk 10 or 10,000 steps a day? Doesn't matter, we've got you covered.

  • Set Goals that are right for you with flexible options
  • Or use Read on the Go to earn 1 word for every step you take
  • Walkers looking for a challenge will love our Epic Distance Walks, using realistic measurements from fantasy maps

Over 100 Achievements to discover and conquer 

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